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We began with a vision to not only better our and our family’s health but to help people other in developing and educating natural and holistic living. We are here to promote holistic health in every element of your life, through education and inspiration, as well as trustworthy products and innovative solutions.

Our Story

Our dream is to be more than an online wellness store…

We started Elements Health & Wellness with a big vision. We wanted to provide an online wellness store with the best products available, and we also wanted to offer resources, recipes, and simple, actionable know-how that you, our valued visitors, can use to up-level your own wellness. We are 100% family-operated and mission-focused. 

Whether you are visiting our online wellness store, or are coming to us for recipes or resources, we want to curate an experience you enjoy and can learn from. We prioritize relationship in an ever-increasing digital world, and each time  you send us a message, you are connecting with real people, in a real way. We know we don’t have all the answers… but we have made it our mission to serve you through our experience, resources, and realism.

About the Founders

Our founders, Kaden & April Nicolae, have over 10 years of experience in the health & wellness community. April is a health researcher and writer, health & fitness coach, and natural skincare formulator. April started out working as a buyer at a natural foods store, and grew connections with supplement suppliers to find the best products available. 

She started developing natural skincare at 10 years old when her family was reacting to mainstream personal care, and has been studying and formulating ever since. She is currently our product specialist, formulator of our Inside & Out skincare line, and is an active wellness coach. From childhood, she has had experience with food allergies, chemical sensitivities, sensitive & problem skin, and digestive issues, which brought her to pursuing a natural approach to living.

It has always been her dream to be able to provide education and products in an online wellness store. She is active on social media, and runs our wellness Facebook group, Elements of Health & Wellness. Join Here.

Kaden Nicolae is the one who brings our online wellness store and digital presence to life. He is a lifelong visionary who knows how to use technology to integrate with real life in a way that serves the user well. He ensures everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. He is also the head of our wholesale and affiliate partner programs.

Together, they are building a homestead and growing micro-farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. When not in the office or farm factory, they are hiking, kayaking, playing music, and traveling. 

Ready to learn more? Shop our collection at our online wellness store here or browse our resource collection here.

Our Vision

To make a lasting difference in the well-being of humanity and the world, one person at a time. We believe in the power of one. And we offer you the promise to champion wellness in health, body, mind, and spirit.

Our Philosophy

Wellness encompasses all of who you are as human beings. We believe that God created us to be body, mind, soul, and spirit. So in pursuit of wellness, we prioritize wellness in all areas of our being. 

Our body – with wholesome nourishment, physical fitness, and an environment with minimized toxins. 

Our mind – in balance, brain support and emotional agility, healthy habits, and growing relationships. 

Our spirit – the essence of who were are, eternal beings created in the image of God. Our care of our spirit is just as integral to wellness, and we live out our faith in Christ as the solid foundation of our lives. 

Only when we look at all areas of our being can we find wellness, joy, and vibrant life. A life of purpose, and of pouring out to others. We are not meant to just survive, we were created to truly live!

Our Mission

To promote holistic health in every element of your life, through education and inspiration, as well as trustworthy products and innovative solutions.

Our Future

We see our future as being more than just an online wellness store. We want to earn your trust as a leading resource in health & wellness. We also want to foster community and relationship. We hope that you’ll grow with us as we cultivate an environment of wellness for all. 

Giving Back

It’s really important to us to give back. To the community, to our visitors and customers, and to our world as a whole. In addition to emphasizing fair-trade ingredients and products, we also give 10% of our profits to charities we believe in. Every purchase you make from our online wellness store helps us to keep serving you, and to keep supporting just causes and helping hands.


Online Wellness Store

how it all began with a small step and a big vision


Our story is one of humble beginnings, hard work, and a passion for holistic health and living. Our founder, Apri Nicolae, began crafting custom formulas for family and friends, mostly because traditional products were not solving their health & beauty concerns. She wanted to harness nature’s botanical gifts and traditional wisdom, and combine it with the latest in science to create high-performing products and trustworthy resources.

Through education, and years of research and development, what started as a side hobby, developed into a professional passion. We opened our first laboratory kitchen in September 2015, which was dedicated to product development and production. Using local materials such as beeswax from a local beekeeper, and herbs from our own gardens, we began crafting our formulas in time-honored artisan fashion.

Made in small batches, and delivered to local stores, our formulas increased in popularity. As more people tried our products, they continued to ask for more, and would often be seeking nutritional counsel and other health tips along the way.

The idea to expand our business for greater impact started growing. It lead to us re-branding the company, establishing it as a Limited Liability Corporation, and extending our product collections, as well as partnering with other brands that we know and trust. We also wanted a place for like-minded individuals, wherever they are on their wellness journey, to be able to find something to inspire, encourage, and help them along the way.

We source the best ingredients for our products, seeking out the highest quality, eco-conscious, and fair-trade botanical ingredients. We develop and refined our formulas repeatedly and curate the latest research in nutrition, fitness, and beauty. Our goal is to create a one-stop source for you to learn and share ideas and tools to help you live your best life.

We want to continue to grow, and expand our vision and our passion to create a bigger impact, but strive to hear every person and make them feel heard and understood.


Online Launch

We launch our digital community, with an online storefront, wellness resources, and a supportive community. Going from face-to-face & wholesale to an e-commerce approach ensured a broader outreach and impact.



As we grew and evolved, the need arose to expand our offerings, bring in new and exciting people and collections, and to re-establish the business as a Limited Liability Corporation.


First Batch

Our memorable first batch of lip balm was crafted in our lab kitchen on our Missouri farm, with local beeswax and artisan-distilled essential oils and hit store shelves the very next day. 


Research & Development

Sourced quality ingredients from eco-conscious suppliers, experimented and refined our formulas, and developed high-performing and innovative solutions.



Established in the small town of Mountain Grove, Missouri, our founders went from crafting custom formulas for friends and family, to making it official by offering wholesale options.