A Reminder To Our Affiliate Partners

Promotion of Our Affiliate Program

Upon your acceptance as an Affiliate Site, we will make available to you a variety of graphic and textual links (the “Links”), which, subject to the terms and conditions hereof, you may display as often and in as many areas of your approved site as you desire. The Links will serve to channel potential buyers to our site.

Elements Health and Wellness Agrees to:

  • Pay Affiliate a commission (see Referral Commissions for commission details) for each qualified online order completed via your site. Qualified online orders must be made within the return day “window” of 15 days and recognized by our website.
  • Work to pay Affiliate on a monthly basis when commissions due have reached a minimum of $50.00. Accounts with a balance of less than $50.00 will roll over to the next month. Elements Health and Wellness sends out payments to affiliates on or around the 1st of every month for the previous month’s commissions.

Affiliate Agrees to:

  • Place Elements Health and Wellness banners and/or text links on your site.
  • Observe Elements Health and Wellness’s exclusive right of ownership as to the names of its property , including but not limited to its trademarked name and any variations thereof within all pay-for-placement and other search engines. Elements Health and Wellness grants a limited right to the use of its trademarked names solely for promotional purposes in conjunction with the relationship as described in this agreement.
  • Remove all links regarding Elements Health and Wellness promotions on the date such promotions end, and agree to forfeit any commissions earned after the end date of the promotions if you continue to post such links.
  • Have sole responsibility for the development, operation, and maintenance of your site and for all the materials that appear on your site.
  • Ensure that all materials posted on your site are not illegal and do not infringe on the rights of any person or entity of any kind. We disclaim all liability for all materials on your site.
  • Indemnify, defend, and hold us harmless from all claims, damages, and expenses relating to the development, operation, and contents of your site.
  • Make sure that your site does not copy or resemble the look and feel of the Elements Health and Wellness Web site or create the impression that your site is our site or a part of our site
  • If any immoral or unethical links are added to your site pointing to Elements Health and Wellness , we reserve the right to pursue all legal courses of action against you to the fullest extent possible under the law and you will be responsible for returning all commissions earned as a result of such links to Elements Health and Wellness.
Referral Commissions

Elements Health and Wellness Affiliate Program pays commissions for each qualified net sale. The affiliate team will audit affiliate referred orders to ensure they are valid. 

Our Mission

To promote holistic health in every element of your life, through education and inspiration, as well as trustworthy products and innovative solutions.

Our Vision

To make a lasting difference in the well-being of humanity and the world, one person at a time. We believe in the power of one. And we offer you the promise to champion wellness in health, body, mind, and spirit.

Our Philosophy

Wellness encompasses all of who you are as human beings. You are body, mind, soul, and spirit. So in pursuit of wellness, we prioritize wellness in all areas of our being. Our body, with wholesome nourishment, physical fitness, and an environment with minimized toxins. Your mind, in balance, brain support and emotional agility, healthy habits, and growing relationships. Our spirit, the essence of who were are. Our care of our spirit is just as integral to wellness, and we live out our faith as the solid foundation of our lives. Only when we look at all areas of our being can we find wellness, joy, and vibrant life. A life of purpose, and pouring out to others! We are not meant to just survive, we were created to truly live!