Prioritizing Wellness – Tips for Working at Home

by April Nicolae in Uncategorized February 15, 2021

Prioritizing Wellness While Working at Home

Working at home has brought a whole new set of challenges for
us to meet including work-life to balance, and relationships to navigate, and
somewhere in all of that, our health to take care of. It’s so easy to let our
health take a backseat with everything else we have to juggle, but I would
argue that it’s even more important to be mindful of and prioritize our health
than ever before.

Actionable Tips for Working at Home

Here are 5 actionable tips for working at home that you can implement right away in
your everyday work-at-home life to keep you on track to make 2021 your
healthiest year yet.

Use the 5 Minute Fitness Rule. Chances are, you
may be having a hard time fitting in those 30 minute workouts. Don’t get me wrong,
these are still important to your cardiovascular health. But I am a strong
believer that something is better than nothing, and I love building movement
into my day wherever I can. I personally use a time management technique called
the Pomodoro technique. The Pomodoro is a technique of using 25 minutes of
focused work time, followed by a 5 minute break. I like to use these 5 minute
breaks to stand up and do a few calisthenics, push ups, pilates poses, dancing,
or even jumping jacks. It keeps me from sitting for too long, and allows me to
fit in a full-length workout in bite-sized manageable chunks. The best part? I
start looking forward to these mini-workout-breaks which means I am building
positive association with moving my body. Win-win, yes?

Plan your meals ahead and prep plenty of snacks.
If one thing has changed, Americans are snacking more than ever before. If you
often find yourself working at the kitchen table, our fridges are less than 5
steps away. Food is more easily accessible than ever before. How to take advantage
of it? Have healthy, satisfying snacks ready to go. Think cut celery, carrot,
and cucumber sticks with fresh hummus, apple slices and almond butter in
pre-portioned cups, and even healthy trail mix (popcorn with brewer’s yeast,

Take breaks for your mind. With no co-workers to
interrupt you, no meetings to come and go to, and no running down the halls to
the bathroom, you’re likely getting way less mental and eye-strain breaks than
you may be used to. With more screen time than ever, it’s even more important
to take mental breaks. A 2-5 minute meditation, a short outdoor walk, a moment
of prayer, or even just listening to some music quietly with your eyes closed
can refresh your eyes, your mind, your focus, and your headspace.  

           4 Make sure to stay hydrated. You’d think that
working at home would give me even more access to reminders to drink plenty of
water. But, I find that unless I stay intentional, I tend to forget. The other
night, I crawled into bed, and suddenly realized how thirsty I was. I realized
I had only had one glass of water at lunch! I was parched! Now, I try to make
sure I have my lemon water in the morning. But all water is not created equal.
Did you know that non-mineralized water may not be hydrating you the way you
think? Water is absorbed into the cells through osmosis, and the concentration
gradient of minerals is a vital piece in this equation. I personally add about
3-4 drops of the Trace Minerals Concentrace to each of my waters throughout the
day. We also use a Brita or Berkey water filter. (We’re counting down the days
until our well is installed, but even then we’ll still use our Berkey filter!)

5.  Create a physical barrier to work to maintain
work life balance. If you’re like me, you have a hard time “turning off” at the
end of the workday. When you worked outside your home, you had a physical
separation from your office and a commute home to allow your mind to unwind. At
home, it can be hard to feel like you’re leaving work behind, and this is
detrimental to any semblance of work-life balance. Having a physical separation
from your work and also installing an end-of-the-day routine to allow you to
mentally disconnect from work and reconnect with your family and home life. 

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