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Elderberries Whole Dried


Elderberries are a fantastic addition to any herbalist’s apothecary. Though best known for their immune-boosting properties, elderberries have a wide variety of health-promoting compounds, antioxidants, and nutrients. Our elderberries are freshly harvested and carefully dried to preserve their potency for your herbal preparations. Price is per ounce of elderberries.

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Elder is a perennial shrub that can be found growing along hedgerows, forest perimeters, and in gardens as an ornamental. The elder berry has an extensive history of use and folklore in traditional western practices. For centuries, elderberries have been used to make preserves, wines, cordials, herbal infusions, and elderberry syrup.

Elderberries whole dried support immune health to help you stay feeling your best and supports the body’s immune defenses to stay feeling healthy.

Whole elder berries are typically prepared as teas, tinctures, syrups, wine, cordials, and even ketchup, often combined with propolis or echinacea.

Our elderberries whole dried are sourced from the Albania.


Elderberries Whole Dried

Flavor Profile: Bright and earthy, deep berry-like flavor.

How to Enjoy: 

  • Create your own Elderberry Syrup for all-season wellness
  • Use in herbal teas, alone, or blended with other herbs
  • Make an alcohol, vinegar, or glycerite extract
  • Use in foods such as pancakes, oatmeal, smoothies, and more!

*Note: All of our teas are stored in glass, but shipped in food-safe resealable bags for shipping economy.

Possible Benefits of Elderberries Whole Dried:

  • Studies have shown that elderberries help shorten the length of colds and viruses.
  • Elderberries have a high flavonoid content, making them suited to fighting inflammation, especially in skin.
  • Elderberries have naturally-occurring Vitamin A.

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