10 Healthy Habits for Your Morning Routine

by Kaden Bailey in Blog, Lifestyle December 23, 2019

Are you not sure what to do during your morning routine?

Whether you have 2 minutes or 20, here’s ten of our favorite ideas to install in your morning routine a make your health a priority in your day.

Why should you install a morning routine?

Getting your morning off to a calm and smooth start really does wonders for the rest of your day. Although it sounds quite intimidating, a morning routine is simply a sequence of activities and habits that you do each morning.

I’m willing to bet you already have a routine. Turning off your alarm clock, checking your phone, brushing your teeth, etc. are all activities that are probably part of your morning routine.

In this article, I am going to share my top 10 activities that would make a lovely addition to a morning routine. I’m not suggesting that you apply all of them, but perhaps begin with choosing 1 or 2 that you feel would bring the largest return for your health and also provide a little pocket of self-care and calm space in your busy day.

Morning Routine

Your morning routine sets the tone for the rest of your day…

If your mornings are rushed and frantic, as mornings often are, it can lead to a more stressed day. By taking time to nourish your health, reflect on your thoughts, or spending some time meditating, it can encourage you to make healthier choices and guard your mind and heart set through the rest of the day.

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Morning Routine Habit #1

Learn and absorb 1 new thing. Choose something you’re interested in and spend a few minutes learning more about it. For me, I want to further my language skills, so I practice one lesson on Duolingo, a free language learning app each morning as I sip my tea. Learning something new every day helps to keep developing new neural pathways and is thought to be helpful in boosting cognition and memory.

Morning Routine Habit #2

Do one small act of kindness. Start the day by performing one act of kindness, whether it’s sending an encouraging text or creating a simple card. Practicing kindness leads to more selfless acts and can boost your self-kindness and confidence. Not to mention you never know how big of an impact you may make on someone else!

Morning Routine Habit #3

Practice a 5-minute yoga flow. Yoga helps to open your body up to the movement required during the day and boosts circulation. It has also been found to lower cortisol levels, which are naturally high in the morning. I find that it helps to boost energy, mental clarity, and physical awareness.

Morning Routine Habit #4

Plan your meals and snacks for the day. The morning is a good time to make a realistic plan for your nutrition throughout the day. If you’re trying to reach nutrition goals, it’s immensely helpful to plan what you know you can and will eat. Don’t plan a salad if you know you’re going out for pizza. Plan what to eat, then eat what you planned. It’s much easier to stay on track with your nutrition, and you don’t have the problem of not knowing what to eat and making a decision that you’d rather not.

Morning Routine Habit #5

Break down your to-do list. I like to dump all of the things that I need to do down, then go back and prioritize the “Big 3,” the activities that will make the biggest impact on my business, or the one that absolutely has to be done today. Then start with those top 3 priorities and knock them out. It also helps to break down larger, more intimidating tasks into manageable tasks that take between 20 and 40 minutes to complete.

Morning Routine Habit #6

Get Outside. Take a 10 minute walk outside if at all possible. Getting 10 minutes of sunlight before 10 am helps to regulate your circadian rhythm, resulting in better sleep, more energy and clarity throughout the day.

Morning Routine Habit #7

Make an Antioxidant Energy-boosting smoothie. I love smoothies for their grab-and-go delicious goodness. Smoothies are completely customizable and can be made to suit just about anyone’s nutritional needs and goals. They can be protein-packed and easy to digest, so they make a perfect breakfast for people who don’t do well with heavy breakfasts. Get my Super Morning Smoothie customizable recipe here.

Morning Routine Habit #8

Practice gratitude. Being grateful triggers the release of endorphins and serotonin, two hormones that help to regulate mood and the emotion of happiness. Besides, I think we could all focus a little bit more on what we have been blessed with, and we’ll begin to see even more things to be thankful for. Gratefulness can be a moment in the morning as you’re brushing your teeth, or keeping a journal that you write in 10 things every day.

Morning Routine

Morning Routine Habit #9

Practice Mindfulness Meditation. Mindfulness meditation is a practice of mental imagery, breathing technique, and physical awareness. It can help reduce stress, improve focus, and benefit sleep and wakefulness cycles. Meditation is not always sitting on the floor with your eyes closed. It can be a practice that you focus on a favorite scripture, inspiring word, or even an affirmation. For a list of affirmations to help you get started, click here.

Morning Routine Habit #10

Deep Personal Reflection. My favorite way to start my morning is to spend some time in reflection. This often includes thoughtful scripture reading, affirmations, and journaling. Depending on your personal preferences, you could use paper journals, a journaling app, or a bullet journal/art journal. Additional reflection practices can include visualization techniques for goal-setting and personal development.

Your morning routine is up to you…

Ultimately, your morning routine has to be right for you. It should consist of habits and actions that nourish your body, mind, and spirit in the way that works best with your lifestyle and personality. Try something for a week and see how it works, then make any adjustments if needed, or try something completely different!

Here’s to your happy, healthy mornings!

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