Herbal Highlight

by April Nicolae in Ingredient Panels, Uncategorized September 1, 2020

Elderberries have received quite a bit of attention in wellness lately, and for good reason.

Most popular for their reputed immune-boosting superpowers, elderberries have a lot more to offer.

Their high antioxidant content is beneficial for taming inflammation, helping to ease stress, and even protect a healthy heart.
So how do you use this wonder herb? Elderberry is a pleasant-tasting herb that has a lot of practical applications and recipes. It’s versatile and gentle enough to be incorporated into a beginning herbalist’s apothecary, and is simple to use.

– Incorporate into wellness and immune-supporting teas (check out our great-tasting Immunity Tea Blend below)

– Make either a grain alcohol, vinegar, or glycerite extract

– Make your own elderberry syrup for all-season wellness- Add to culinary dishes, such as pancakes, oatmeal, breads, and more.

Want to try adding elderberries to your diet? One of the most economical ways is to purchase freshly harvested dried elderberries. We have these available in our online store in as little as 1 ounce packages.
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Have a healthy day!

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