Ready to Boost Energy, Curb Cravings, and Live a Nourished Life?

If you’ve been frustrated with trying new diets, new routines, and new ideas to transform your health through lifestyle change, you’re certainly not on your own. Making a positive difference in your health is a challenging journey when you’re relying on willpower alone. That’s where your coach comes in, to provide compassionate support as you work together to define what wellness means to you, and together create a customized plan to get you there. Let’s move forward together. 

Client-Centered Focus for Personal Success

Allows you to direct your progress to achieve the goals that matter to you while providing the support and accountability to keep you on track.

Lasting Behavior Change

Coaching helps you to leverage your strengths to empower you to enact lifestyle change that you can maintain for the longterm.

Co-Create Your Wellness Vision

A coach works with you to clarify your intentions and create a personalized action plan to realize your idea of wellness.

Health Coach

Meet Our Health Coach

Certified Health Coaches are credentialed members of the healthcare industry who have additional training in the science of health behavior change. Health coaches add coaching skills to their health care expertise to help patients better manage a variety of chronic medical conditions, such as: metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and chronic pain.

A Health Coach is a partner in an individual’s behavior change process. This process involves supporting the patient or client as they set goals, unearth values & strengths, and access intrinsic motivations to encourage the development of sustainable healthy behaviors and attitudes.

Hi, I'm April

April Nicolae
April Nicolae BCHC
Health Coach, Creative Director, & Co-Founder

Hi, I’m April! I’m an AANWC board certified Health Coach and Creative Director for Elements Health & Wellness. I’m also a writer, skincare formulator, herbal enthusiast, and life-long advocate for living a fully vibrant life centered around faith, family, freedom, and wholesome nourishment.

Some of my clients' goals...

Do these sound like you? If so, I may be just the person to come along with you on your transformation journey. I specialize in working with busy women who are ready to boost your energy, curb your cravings, and live a nourished life. 

Better Gut Health

Less bloating and discomfort through balancing digestion and the gut microbiome.

Less Stress

Experiencing more calm and having a personalized approach to stress management. 

non-diet approach

Say goodbye to rigid diets that make you feel worse about your health, not better.

Suger Detox

Break up with sugar cravings and have a healthy relationship with sweets

Establishing Routines

Customized and personalized routines to build, stack, and grow your habits

Weight Management

Find the best version of your body’s health so you look and feel your best

Restful Sleep

wake up feeling refreshed and rested with a solid sleep hygiene toolkit at your disposal.

Optimizing Rythms

Rather than strict schedules, live by daily rhythms that are calibrated to your needs. 

Optimal Nourishment

Nutrition as the keystone of health and well-being through balancing foods you enjoy. 

So, What About You?

You’re here because you’re ready to transform your life by taking action… or at least thinking about it! This is the first step in the transtheoretical model of behavior change, so you’re already on your way! Congratulations! I’d love the chance to partner with you in this process. But how does a health coach approach impact the client?

As a coach, I believe that you are creative, resilient, resourceful, and whole. You are the expert on you, and you already have the answers inside of you, and probably already know what you “should” be doing, but the execution is a little elusive. 

Here’s where I come in. I am passionate about and trained to help you discover, clarify, and align your existing strengths, resources, and knowledge with your desired outcome, as well as providing an accountability structure (like a helping hand) to help you stay on target. 

Together, we’ll map out a plan and take your goals from desires to action. I’m excited to get started! How about you? 

Here’s how to book a free consultation with no obligation, just a conversation to see if we’re a good fit to work together. 

Transparency. Simplicity. Value.

Pricing Plan


Single One-on-One Coaching Session

$ 65 /Session
  • 60 minute session
  • One week of chat support
  • Food Journal Printable
Untitled design

Target & Transform Project

28-Day Private Coaching Program

$ 250 /Month
  • (4) 60-min sessions
  • (4) weeks of unlimited chat support
  • Customized Wellness Plan
  • Wellness Resource Bundle
  • Meal Plan & Prep Toolkit
  • Focus on one area of wellness

Vibrant & Nourished Project

8-Week Private Coaching Program

$ 200 /Month
  • (8) 60-min sessions
  • (8) weeks of unlimited chat support
  • Customized Wellness Plan
  • Wellness Resource Bundle
  • Holistic Wellness Planner
  • Meal Plan & Prep Toolkit
  • Weekly or Bi-Monthly Sessions
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Terms & Conditions

Details & Disclaimer

Health coaching is relatively new to the health & wellness space and we want to ensure potential clients understand both the benefits and the limitations. Health coaching is not focused on pyschological or relations problems and is not therapy or counseling. Neither is is medical nutrition therapy. April Nicolae is not, nor does she hold herself out to be, a registered dietitian/nutritionist, therapist, or state-licensed health care provider of any kind. The state of North Carolina does not offer licensure to health coaches as of April 2023, so April’s certification is obtained through the private organization of the AFPA and board certification through the AANWC. Any statements spoken or written have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. April does not offer customized medical nutrition therapy through diet plans, recommendations, or advice. 

Clients agree that their health decisions are their responsibility and agree to consult their healthcare provider prior to enacting any changes in lifestyle or nutrition. As a client-centered partnership, health coaching focuses on client-led behavior change through the mutual work of building on client strengths and providing frameworks and resources to overcome challenges and achieve desired results.